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Teddy’s Adventure Jig

Teddy has lost his teddy, watch him find him in this short film.  Animation by Teddy and Daddy, music composed and recorded by Teddy and Daddy.

By Teddy


Going to Stogursey

Ians october 002We are going to Stogursey. We went on a double-decker bus.

Ians october 006 Ians october 005This is a picture of Stogursey Castle, it is very old. It has a moat all around it and you can stay at the castle (http://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/search-and-book/properties/stogursey-castle-12342 ).

Ians october 010

This is Ian. He lives in Stogursey and he showed us around. He is going to help us make apple juice. Yummy. Next we are going to go to the church…

Ians october 017

The church was very pretty and felt very old.

Ians october 021

This is a fossil of an ichthyosaur that is in the church. It was found inside a local farmhouse and then it was put inside the church. Next, we went to Ian’s house.

Ians october 023 We went into the house, and guess who should appear? Dylan! He is a cute little Jack Russell and he is so lovely and I want to bring him home with me. We played ‘Fetch’ and gave him lots of fuss.

Ians october 027

We collected apples from Ian and Teresa’s garden. We all had a basket each which we filled. We then cut the apples up ready to put into the press.

Ians october 029

This is the apple presser. First we washed the apples, then we chopped them, then we…

Ians october 031

… put the apples into a grinder to make them chopped up and tiny. Then we took off the grinder and we turned the lid around and we turned the handle which squashed the apples. That made it into dirty apple juice full of pulp and bits.

Ians october 033

Teresa is pouring the apple juice into a jug with a filter in. This makes the apple juice clean by letting just the juice out and keeping all the bits inside. When we got to the house earlier Teresa was sterilising all of the bottles to prepare for the juice.

Ians october 035

Here are Owl and I. We are sitting next to the bottles of clean apple juice. It goes off in three days, unfortunately. It tastes gorgeous.

Thank you Ian and Teresa for letting us go to your house and for helping us to make that lovely apple juice.

( Mummy bear is waiting for the lovely cider!)

By Teddy

Owl filmed some video and Daddy edited it… here it is.